Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti (MSS) runs the historical museum of rural industries – Magan Sangrahalaya. It is the only museum in India founded by Mahatma Gandhi, dedicated to the artisans of India. The museum has four display wings on Mahatma Gandhi, Khadi, Village industries, and Appropriate Technologies. Apart from exhibiting articles and models, the museum organizes talks, workshops, training programs, demonstrations, and campaigns on related subjects.

Mahatma Gandhi Wing

This Mahatma Gandhi wing displays Gandhiji’s belongings and the gifts received by him. Some of the rare Articles of Mahatma Gandhi exhibited here include his hair; the smallest spinning device (Charkha) innovated by him; the box Charkha (Popular as Yarvada Charkha) designed and developed by Gandhiji during this imprisonment in Yarvada prison (Pune); the shawl worn by him; articles used in the prison; a statue of Mahatma Gandhi carrying his signature (the only statue of its kind in the world); and, the stone Gandhiji used for making Handmade Paper.

The Khadi Wing

The Khadi Wing showcases forty different kinds of Charkha (Spinning Wheel), dating back to the year 1930. It displays hand, pedal to solar operated Charkhas and evolution of Charkha from traditional Sudarshan (Wheel type) to Kissan (Box type) to Ambar charkha and the new Solar-Charkha. The wing starts with the history of Khadi and that of the national flag of India. The other wings display Khadi- Silk, Raw-Silk, Khadi- Wool, and Jute- blended Khadi patterns and designs collected from different parts of India.

The Village Industries Wing

The museum showcases 32 rural industries including –  Food processing, Agriculture tools for small farmers, edible Oil, Non-Violent Honey (from wild rock-bees), Non-violent Leather (leather from naturally dead cattle), Pottery, Handmade paper without cutting trees and Non-edible oils. It also exhibits industries based on Wood, Palm, Bamboo, Lac, Grasses, Jute, plant roots, Metal, Glass, Seashells, Papermache, Stone, Mud, Lime, Horn, and Cow dung.                 

Rural Technology Wing

The Rural Technology Wing presents low-cost appropriate rural technologies, including low-cost mud housing, energy-conserving technologies, solar energy devices, improved agricultural tools, water purification and conservation technologies.