The museum organizes various creative educational programs for school, college students and general public.

 Gandhi Ko Jane

A popular three-day interactive workshop for students with some well-known personality (well versed in Gandhian Thought) is organized annually. The workshop addresses the queries, doubts, present-day issues and problems raised by the youth.

 Bahurup Gandhi

A quiz program based on a book named Bahurup Gandhi (Multi-faceted Gandhi) is annually organized for a wide range of participants, including students, Government officials, police, teachers, nurses, businessmen, civil societies, etc. As Marathan 2000 individuals have participated in this program to date.

Kalatmak Abhivyakti

MSS annually holds the following workshops for children, youth and citizens,:

Takli Spindle School

For the children to learn the values like the dignity of labour and to inculcate in them the qualities like the pea

ce of mind and concentration, MSS team teaches students to spin. The yarn using Takli Spindle. Till now, 3500 school children from 24 rural and urban schools are trained in Takli Spinning.

Tree – My Companion

To generate awareness amongst students regarding the revival of the declining tree cover, conservation of nature, and preservation of environment, MSS conducts programs to mobilize school students to plant thousands of trees in urban and rural areas.

The Creativity of Ten Fingers

Instead of buying readymadese products from the market, the children are taught to make environment-friendly, recyclable, utility products using their hands, heart, and mind. MSS team works with the children to make Rakhis, cotton wicks, mud idols of Ganapati, organic Holi colors, mud bullocks (for the festival of Po

Celebrate Nature


la), Akash Deep, newspaper pen, paper bags, decorated garbage cans, etc.

To make the Nursery and primary school children understand the association of the festivals with Nature, they are taken to a nearby forest  where they celebrate the festivals like Vasant Panchami, Gokul Ashtami, Govardhan Pooja, Shravan and Pola by eating, dancing, playing and singing amid nature.

Living Softly

This program is to inculcate an ethical sense in the general public so that they become a responsible consumer who is aware of  the importance of economy of permanence, decentralization, sustainability and conservation of natural resources. MSS organizes small workshops on subjects like Harvesting of Honey without killing bees; Making paper without cutting trees; Solar cooker and Solar drier to save fossil fuels; Using Bicycles to save the environment; Replacing plastic with alternatives material; choice between Biogas plant or Garbage pit; recycling waste to save earth; food that cure & food that harm; Science for the People or science for the few, etc.