Publication and Documentation Centre


MSS has a documentation unit with 8000 books on Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Dr. J.C.Kumarappa, Rural Technology, Rural Industries, Organic Farming, Environment, Energy, Water, Artisans, Craft, History, etc.

The unit has 300 archival documents published by the All India Village Industries Association during 1930-1960.


MSS has edited and reprinted some of the major books by Prof. J.C. Kumarappa:

  • Why the village movement?
  • Economy of Permanence
  • Public Finance & Our Poverty
  • Gaon Andolan Kyon and
  • Sthai Samaj Vyavstha.

The other books are by and on Dr. Devendra Kumar:

  • Pause and Think Wither Science,
  • Towards Sustainability,
  • Sthai Vikas Ka Path,
  • The Inevitable Gandhi,
  • Your questions and Gandhi’s Answers,
  • Lone Crusader and
  • Vyakti Abhivyakti.