Livelihood through Rural Enterprises

The MSS established 35 rural enterprises in 22 villages that manufacture 200 products and provide livelihood to 1000 artisans, farmers, and rural women. All these micro enterprises are Self-Reliant. The profit of these enterprises is recycled back to setup more rural micro enterprises.

MSS Established 35 Women Enterprises In Rural Wardha :

Textile Based Enterprises

  1. Organic Cotton Processing & Rowing
  2. Khadi Yarn Spinning
  3. Khadi Fabric Weaving
  4. Natural Processing, Dyeing, and Printing
  5. Tailoring of Khadi Garments and Products

Cow-based Enterprises


  1. Cow Urine Collection
  2. Cow Dung Products- Incense stick, Dhoop batti, and Mosquito coil, etc.

Agro-based Enterprises

  1. Organic Seed Bank
  2. Organic Manure
  3. Herbal Pesticide
  4. Organic Vegetables
  5. Organic Cereal, Pulses & Spices
  6. Processing of Cereals and Pulses
  7. Farm Tool Fabrication Workshop
  8. Tool Rental Shop for Farmers

Food-Based Enterprises

  1. Cold Oil Press – Flax Seed, Groundnut, Mustard & Coconut
  2. Organic Gud
  3. Organic Spices
  4. Pickles and Jams
  5. Traditional Indigenous Food Products
  6. Solar Dried Fruit Bars
  7. Rosella Products
  8. Organic Food Restaurant
  9. Bakery

Forest-based Enterprises

  1. Collection of Forest Produce for preparation of Natural Dyes
  2. Processing of Forest Produce (Ber, Amla, Jamun, Bel, Neem, etc.)
  3. Lantana Camara and Wood Articles
  4. Forest & Vegetable Nursery

Herbal Products

  1. Herbal Medicines
  2. Herbal Hair Products
  3. Herbal Beauty Products

Utility Product Enterprises

  1. Toilet Soap, Washing Liquid Soap, and Phenyl
  2. Utility Products (Roti pad, natural scrubber, apron, file, School bags)
  3. Paper Products (Carry bags, paper pens, file covers, boxes)
  4. Fly Ash Bricks and Prefabricated Cement Building Elements