In the Vidarbha region, hundreds of farmers continue to commit suicide. To save the farmers from debts, diseases and death, MSS endeavoured to mobilize farmers of Samudrapur, Nagpur, and Chandrapur blocks to shift from costly, hazardous, chemical-based farming to cost-effective chemical-free Natural Farming.

The natural farming movement led by MSS is, directly and indirectly, assisting 3159 farmers. With MSS efforts, 2000 farms are practicing natural farming on 2500-acre land and annually saving 3 Crore Rupees. Similarly, 220 organic Cotton farmers (instead of using BT cotton seeds and chemical inputs) use indigenous cotton seeds and Natural farm inputs and save Rs. 40 lakh on an annual basis. Initially, this money was siphoned off by the multinational seed companies and chemical industries but now it remains in the village and strengthens the rural economy.

Natural Farming is freeing the farmers from the clutches of multinational companies producing seeds and fertilizers. By producing their own farm inputs, Natural Farmers are saving 20 to 50 % of investment on-farm inputs. There is a 10 to 30 % rise in the crop yield resulting in a 20 to 50 % rise in a natural farmer’s income.

Apart from economic benefits, natural farming is protecting the land, air, soil, water from hazardous pollutants and saving the birds, bees, earthworms, snakes and farm-friendly insects from extinction.